Health Fairs Direct has been providing health fair events for more than 3 decades

Health Fairs Direct has been providing with health fair coordination services for more than 3 decades. Our team of experts can help you organize and execute a professional health fair event regardless of the size. Health fairs Direct started with a vision of the CEO and founder John Buckley to fulfill a need to provide a better service at any health fair event in New York. The idea grew and we started adding more areas and as of 2016 we have dominated the industry in 46 states across the country.

Health Fairs Direct helps corporate customers by providing high return on investment health fair events and wellness programs as well. We will design your next event that will provide your business with the right health and wellness tools that you need. Health Fairs Direct can manage any size of health and wellness event that will range from a few team members to thousands of attendees for your next health fair event.

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Our Management Team at Health Fairs Direct

John Buckley

Co-founder, CEO

Maria Leamy

Co-Founder Sales VP

Maria Orellana

President Health Fairs Direct