Chair Massage Therapy

There are many benefits that you can get when you bring a chair massage therapy to your health fair event. Besides being the most popular exhibitor in your event bringing at least one chair massage to your event should be a priority. Here are some benefits that your company will get with just a single chair massage:

  • It will bring more participation in your event
  • It will create a sensation of relaxation in your work-group
  • It will improve communication among peers about the experience

Here are some benefits that your employees will get with a chair massage therapy:

  • It will decrease anxiety levels
  • It will increase blood circulation
  • It will boost their immune system
  • It will tone their muscles

What to expect on the massage therapy day

Health Fairs Direct will take care of all the details on your health and wellness event. We will send a team of our professional massage therapist that will turn your event into one that everyone will enjoy and remember. We offer multi-location services No matter how small or how big your company is Health Fairs Direct will be able to take care of your logistics for your next health fair event. Our dedicated team is able to work with a single or multi-location corporations across the U.S.A. We can make your event memorable We can take care of one or multiple locations of your company.

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