Wellness Challenges

Health Fairs Direct offers over 75 interactive wellness challenges that your employees will love. Our employee health challenge platform will expand to meet the growing needs of your staff. We offer introductory challenges for new programs as well as advanced programs for established wellness programs. Our wellness platform can be the organizational tool you have been looking for to manage, track, measure and report on your employee wellness program.

1) Fitness
2) Weight Loss
3) Smoking Cessation
4) Mental Well-Being
5) Work-Life Balance

We can reach every employee and their dependents regardless of their location or language spoken Wellness Retreats From an afternoon wellness outing to a week-long health and wellness retreat, Health Fairs Direct is your Corporate Wellness Program headquarters. Are your employees getting together for a sales conference, a marketing session or for any reason at all? Create a wellness theme and liven up your meetings. Foster a culture of health and wellness and impact your employees . Create a new tradition in your company that will benefit your employees and your bottom line for many years to come. From Wellness in the Park to adding some Employee Pampering to your holiday party there is always an opportunity to remind our employees that you care and increase the health and wellbeing of your company.

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